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Corporate law

MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS assists companies in all operations, whether it is incorporation, its development, especially through external growth, its evolution or sale and transfer.

MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS focuses mainly on companies, regardless of their corporate form and size, listed or unlisted, French or foreign, most of which having an international activity.

More generally, MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS firm assists clients in the following operation

  • Consultancy, Incorporation of companies, negotiation, bylaws drafting
  • Deeds, contracts, formalities and legal secretariat service (organisation of general body, boards of directors, supervisory boards and bookkeeping, legal secretariat service)
  • Negotiation and drafting of shareholders' agreements
  • Sale of shares and acquisition of equities
  • Capital transactions, corporate restructuring, mergers, company transfers
  • Growth operations (transfer, acquisitions, takeovers, mergers, divisions, contributions).
  • Management of relations with shareholders or partners
  • Liability guarantee
  • Conflicts between partners or shareholders, dismissal of corporate officers
  • Liability of officers, partners and the company

Collective proceedings and the law of companies facing insolvency.

MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS intervenes when the company encounters difficulties, both through preventive measures (conciliation procedure, safeguard procedure) and in terms of receivership and/or judicial liquidation proceedings.

MAZIGUE & ASSOCIÉS offers consultancy service knowing that anticipation and timely use of insolvency law helps companies' recovery using a wide range of valuable tools: ad hoc mandates, conciliation mandates, negotiations and negotiations with creditors, suspension and/or suspension of enforcement proceedings (expulsion measures, seizures, etc.)

The firm assists companies in difficulty through:

  • Request for a conciliation mandate and/or ad hoc mandate
  • Application for judicial safeguard (filing of the application, follow-up of the procedure with the designated bodies, approval of safeguard plan, support for the company and managers during the observation period, presentation of the plan in council chamber
  • Judicial reorganization (initiation, follow up of reorganization procedure with designated bodies, application to be named as controller, preparation, negotiation, review of reorganization plan by way of continuation or transfer)
  • Judicial liquidation (bankruptcy proceedings, support for managers in collective proceedings, monitoring of sanction proceedings, monitoring of extension of collective proceedings, monitoring of additional liability proceedings, etc.)




6 Boulevard Voltaire
75011 Paris

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