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Property law

Property law

Building law

Building law includes difficulties and disorders that arise during construction or upon delivery after completion. It governs the relationships between various parties involved.

It requires knowledge of an activity governed by laws which are at times complex (which include law, contract and its appendices, the rule of the art, etc.)

It involves integrating other areas of law, such as insurance law and insolvency law and collective procedure law, which includes more generally:

MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS, avocat à Paris 11 (75011)
  • The civil liability of builders and lessors, implementation of legal guarantees after accepting the works, (guarantee of perfect accomplishment, guarantee against all construction site risks, biennial guarantee, ten-year guarantee, damage-work guarantee, etc.)
  • Disorder litigation (construction disorders, design or execution defects or non execution)
  • Construction insurance law
  • Disputes related to subcontracting
  • Preventive summary proceedings, expertise proceedings, summons for compensation
  • Judicial expertise

Condominium law

Condominium law organizes co-owners into a union to govern the operations and organization of co-ownership.


The union, chosen by the co-owners, ensures that the co-ownership regulations and the decisions taken by the general assemblies are applied and enforced. Its mission is to manage the building and ensure its proper maintenance.


Common charges (the breakdown and payment) constitute the first source of litigation in condominium law, in addition to disputes at general assemblies or complaints from co-owners for infringement on utilization rights.

MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS acts on behalf of condominium associations, co-owners and trustees through consultancy and later during litigation which may arise, which includes :

  • Rights and obligations of co-owners
  • Analysis and adaptation of the condominium regulations
  • Organization and holding of meetings 
  • Disputes concerning general assembly meetings or resolutions
  • Disputes and infringements on common portions and/or portions for private use
  • Recovery of condominium charges
  • The succession of the property manager appointed as trustee
  • Responsibility of the property manager
  • Appointment of a judicial administrator




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