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Legal Fee

Though the advocate fee constitute a service freely agreed with the client, they are nevertheless legally regulated by the law dated December 31, 1971 No. 1130, the decree of November 27, 1991 No. 11971 and the decree of July 12, 2005 No. 790.

The principles governing the fee structure are explained to clients during the first consultation.

In accordance to the rules governing our Firm and in agreement with the client, it may be:

  • a flat-rate fee or
  • a fee determined on the basis of time spent on the examination and follow-up of the case; the firm's fees are then calculated on hourly rate for the services provided.

MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS may also propose a result fee in addition to the above-mentioned fee.


In order to establish a relationship of trust, the fees of MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS are drawn up in full transparency with the client, after acceptance of a proposed fee agreement which is in accordance to the ethical rules of the legal profession.


Following the first appointment and after a preliminary case study, MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS endeavours to offer the client the most appropriate form of fee structure.

To specify the terms and conditions of fee structure, a written agreement is concluded between MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS and the client.


Whatever be the structure chosen, the fees are always agreed on the basis of a certain number of criteria and in particular on the basis of: 

  • Nature of the case
  • Complexity of the case
  • Firm's expertise
  • Time spent on the case
  • Stakes involved
  • Urgency.


Once defined, the fees are subjected to a signed written agreement with the client. When a deposit is required, the firm's intervention is conditional to the receipt of deposit.


On the client's request, MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS sends a precise statement of services performed and costs incurred.


As the initiation of the procedure, the fees are applied in instalments, on the basis of interim invoices intended to provide the client with full information. Invoices from MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS are payable within thirty days of the invoice date


The costs incurred by MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS (copying costs, travel expenses, registry fees, etc.) are brought to the attention of clients, as far as possible as the case progresses.

Fees are invoiced in detail and communicated to clients who, on request, receive the supporting documents.


The costs and fees of bailiffs and/or those of any third parties who act on behalf of the firm (Expert, technical advisor, colleague, correspondent etc.) do not form part of the invoicing of MAZINGUE & ASSOCIÉS and are invoiced separately to the clients.



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